Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pickin Sticks

In my current programming course, I'm finally learning about inheritance and other object oriented programming techniques. I've decided to put aside my Creature Caretaker project for now and work on a simpler game - a version of "Pickin Sticks", as suggested by Moosader. Pickin Sticks is often used as the "Hello, world" of game development, allowing the programmer to try out a new language (or a very first game) and try a little bit of most basic game elements.

In Pickin Sticks, you control a character who walks around the screen - you guessed it - picking up sticks. Optionally, scoring can be added, as well as different objects, power ups, mines, and who knows what else. A menu, title screen, and options could be added. But these are all best saved for later - to start out, pickin sticks is one of the most basic games you could make.

Currently, I've created a basic class diagram to plan out the structure of my program, and I've begun coding the set-up for the game. I will probably be using Moosader's graphics to start with, just to get things working, but I might practice some animation and make my own graphics later on.

Want to make your own version of Pickin Sticks? Check out Moosader's tutorial!

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