Monday, January 23, 2012

Web Pollinator Coming Soon

Bounder Studios will soon be releasing a simplified, sidescrolling, web version of our forthcoming game, Pollinator! This version will be a simple score attack game in which you must collect Pollen while avoiding Pesticide and grabbing Powerups (wow that's a lot of P's).

I'm writing the mini game in JavaScript, which I had the good fortune to get to learn at my internship with Intel. It's quite a lot different than working in C++, which is what the main Pollinator game is currently coded in. And by different I mean EASIER. However, I'm still very glad to be getting C++ experience with Pollinator - it's the industry standard for big games and it's what I'll be expected to know should I apply for a job with a big gaming company.

I'll be posting a screenshot of the game progress shortly, and of course I'll announce it here when the game is posted on the Bounder Studios website.

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