Monday, February 18, 2013

Pimp My Twitter

I don't have much to say today, being both busy and quite ill. However, I just spent the last few hours re-designing my Twitter page, so I thought I'd share what I've done.


Previously, I was using an actual photo of myself on my twitter. I decided to change to my personal logo, the "bounder" for my Bounder Studios team. I may actually switch this back to a photo of myself, though I need to get a nice professional one done.

I chose this for my photo because I have started using it in several places around the web (most notably, on my github profile), as well as including it on my business card design. I've decided to go all out on this "visual branding" thing, and I'll be using a similar color scheme, font, and this logo as much as possible.

Background Image

Up until now, I've had a cute Totoro image in the background of my Twitter. While nice and reasonably visually appealing, this wasn't very professional. Today I customized my own image, which includes my logo again, my name, my title "Game Programmer", and the address of my portfolio and blog websites. The font used is the Manaspace font I use on my resume and business card, and the colors are all shades of orange. The idea is to create as many points of connection as possible, to make myself memorable.

Header Photo

For my header photo (empty until now) I decided to use a simple orange background. I may make it more interesting in the future, but this simple background looks nice enough and still makes my page stand out.


I updated my bio. It was somewhat unfocused previously, and didn't make it clear that I was, in fact, a game programmer. Now it says simply: "Studying MSc Computer Games Technology at @AbertayUni", linking to the university twitter. I may try to indicate more strongly my interests in AI programming later on.


Overall I think this will unify my image online. Next up in my online makeover is this blog - the background and favicon both need updating! As mentioned in the photo section above, I also plan to get a professional photo taken and include that both here on the blog and as my twitter and github icon.

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