Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crunch Time!

I promised some cool blog posts this week. However, I've gone into panic mode for coursework, so I'm off the radar until it's done. Sorry :(

When I get back, expect to hear:

  • Post-Project reflection for Pollinator
  • Progress to date for Solar Sojourn
  • Discussion of my DirectX 11 font engine for Solar Sojourn (request via Twitter!)
  • How-To: Billboarding! (since it took me FOREVER to figure this out)
  • Post-project reflection for my PS2 fireworks game
  • Update on my dissertation progress (post proposal)
  • Post-project reflection for my Havok group project
  • Discussion of my Dare app results (interview next Thursday!)
  • Overview of what I'm playing these days (birthday presents Skyrim, Pokemon Conquest, Don't Starve, Sim City, and more! I'm spoiled.)
Sorry to go on hiatus like this, but it's needed. See you all in a few weeks!

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