Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Soulmates - Out Now!

So, I decided to release a game this week!

There's a game jam play party on Thursday, and we're invited to show off games from any game jam in the last year. My best game jam entry last year was a little puzzle game called Soulmates, made for the Ludum Dare. Naturally I decided to spruce up the game a small amount, get it fit for mobile, and show it off!

Then I realized - Saturday is Valentine's Day, and Soulmates is super cute and lovey-dovey. So, with only a few days before the play party, I decided to release the game! It's out now, free on the google play store. There's no ads or anything!

It was interesting throwing the game together for release in such a short amount of time. A surprising amount of assets are needed for releasing a game, even one as low key as this. We needed an app icon, banner image for the play store, descriptions, twitter promotion images, and more. We also decided to make a set of "business cards" for the game, similar to what we did for Combo Carts, to pass out at the play party. We managed to throw most of the assets together in a single night, update the music, fix the interface and account for multiple resolutions, and fix most of the bugs. It was rather exhausting!

We don't plan to make any money on Soulmates - we haven't even included ads in the game. If it does somehow become popular, we could easily sell puzzle packs for it. But that was definitely not our aim.

Releasing this game is not about money - it's about spreading some indie love. Too many games are about hate and violence. Soulmates tries to be as inclusive as possible, and celebrates an excess of cuteness and happiness seldom seen in games.

And hey, if our brand spreads a bit thanks to this, then awesome as well. But I don't really expect it to. This release is a gift from us to the gaming world, and we hope you like it!

Soulmates is available on the Google Play store: Get it here!

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