Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Durotar Guide Revamp

I've finished my first wave of revisions for the Durotar portion of the WoW-Pro leveling guides. It can be found here, on my google site. I'll be uploading all my revisions to this site as I do them, for Jame to put into the next release of the addon as he so chooses.

Summary of major changes:
  • Added lots of coordinates where they were missing, even when it was sort of obvious where to go - the idea is completely streamlined leveling where all you do is follow the arrow
  • Added all class quests from level 1-10. Some will be continued in the next guide, if they take players into the Barrens.
  • Clarified and updated a few notes, added notes if it seemed pertinent.
  • Rearranged a couple of things for more streamlined questing.
  • Corrected mistakes in spelling of a few quests, and a few wrong quest IDs, which were causing auto-complete, coordinate, or quest gathering issues.
  • Added a couple missing steps, where quests were not turned in.
I do want to thank and give credit to Clearasil, who did the original coding for this section. While it needed some revisions, it was overall very nice and a great backbone to build off of. I am NOT looking forward to starting from scratch in some of the later guides.

I'll be speed testing this section again later, but that's it for tonight. Hope you folks enjoy it!

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