Monday, July 6, 2009

My UI, Part 1

Hi folks!

Have a bit of a content dry spell, so I thought I'd go over some of the addons I use. Most of these are useful for all classes and roles, but some are specific to healers or to classes I play. I'll note when this is the case.

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This is one of the most valuable addons I have. Arkinventory is a bag addon which displays all of your bags in one big inventory screen. But it does a heck of a lot more than that too. Other features include:
  • Automatic and completely customizable sorting to keep your inventory neat and organized
  • Can be applied to bank and guild bank if you choose.
  • Memory of bank and guild bank while away from them
  • Memory of alternate characters' bags, banks, and guild bank
I can't recommend this addon enough, it's one of the few that I just don't think I could play without.

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Auctioneer is pretty well known, so I'm not going to go into details here. This addon is essential if you want to m
ake money using the auction house, even if it's just to sell stuff you find. A quick 2 minute scan once a week keep your database updated so you know the market price for any item you might find, and know how much to sell it for. For those who want the more advanced functionality, this suite of addons allows you to be a predator on the auction house, finding deals and selling them for awesome profit.

Download from:

AutoProfit is a very small, lightweight, unobtrusive addon that just makes your life easier. It allows you to sell all the gray items in your inventory with the click of one button, or better yet, automatically when you talk to a vendor. It also allows for exception rules, for the jungle hats and pimp canes you want to save!

Download from:,
Alternatives: Deadly Boss Mods

BigWigs is one of two mainstream "boss mods" - mods that warn you about important events in boss fights or time enemy abilities. These mods are vital for any raid leader, and even for the raiders themselves. I prefer Bigwigs to DBM, simply because it's been overall more accurate and less buggy for me, but there isn't a big difference. A note from a healer's perspective though: Sometimes all those bars on the screen conflict with my HoT timers. I usually take BigWigs to task and only keep the most vital timers up.

Download from:,
Alternatives: Atlas

Cartographer is a very heavy, large, map addon. It has maps for all zones and instances in the game, even those which Blizzard does not provide maps for. It supports sharing of guild member positions if those members also have Cartographer, and is pretty customizable.

Download from:,
Alternatives: Sexymap, SimpleMinimap

Chinchilla is a mini map addon that allows the mini map to be moved and customized. I used to use Simplminimap, but as far as I know it is no longer being updated. I tried Sexymap, but it was too extravagant for me. So far I have been very satisfied with Chinchilla - it does what it needs to do, and does it simply and well.

Download from:,

It took me a long time to find an addon that did exactly this, and not more or less. ClassTimer is exactly what I was looking for as a tree healer. It provides big bars showing how much longer your buffs have on them, is pretty customizable, and has the ability to track buffs on you, your target, your focus, or even all of them on one bar.

Unfortunately there are some serious problems with this addon at the moment that have me searching for an alternative. First, the all in one bar is very glitchy and often the buffs just don't show up. Second, as of patch 3.1, the buffs that other people put on the target ALSO show up. So I see the Lifebloom of every tree in the raid, not just my own, and no distinction between them. This really kills the usefulness of the addon. If anyone knows of a good replacement, please let me know!

That's it for addons for now. I'll do more posts like this in the future, if it seems people like them!


  1. If you use Pitbull 4, there are several options to show the buff/debuffs that are on any unit. You can even have yours highlighted, so you can see which Lifebloom is yours

  2. I've heard Pitbull 4 is pretty awesome, two of my guildies are using it. I'm still using the old Pitbull, but maybe this weekend I'll mess around with the new one.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm messing with it so far, and it seems interesting.