Monday, August 31, 2009

WoW-Pro Collaborative Projects

I've recently begun a push to create some collaborative projects on WoW-Pro. There are some guides that are really too big for one person to write, but which would benefit from a matching style and quality.

A WoW-Pro Collaborative Project is one in which many authors come together to contribute to a guide. They may not all be contributing equally - some may only be editing, others writing, others doing formatting. The idea is that it allows massive and extremely useful guides to be written that would otherwise be too much work for a single person.

So far the guides proposed are:
  • Instance Healing Guide - This would cover all level 80 heroics and possibly raids as well, with specific advice for healers. It would also have advice specific to different types of healers.
  • Glory of the Hero - Rather than full instance guides for each instance, this guide would cover only the specific boss fights, and the methods for getting achievements in those boss fights. Class-specific advice or group make-up advice may also be included.
  • Glory of the Raider, etc. - Similar to the above, but for raid instances.
  • Instance/Raid Boss Macros - A guide containing short fight explanation macros for all bosses, useful for raid leaders.
For each of these projects, there will be a team working in various roles. There may be multiple people in one role, or likewise one person may perform multiple roles.
  • Project Head: The person "responsible" for the project, helping find more people to work on it, figuring out what needs to be done, making sure it all comes together. Not the "boss", but the coordinator.
  • Editor: In charge of making sure formatting matches across project pages, also checks spelling/grammar/word choice, etc. In charge of the overall image and presentation of the guide.
  • Writer: Writes content for the guide. It's best if they have some knowledge of formatting, but not necessary if the project has an editor.
  • Contributor: May do some writing, mostly pitches in with helpful comments or quick edits.

There may be even more specialized roles for some projects. For example the healing guide might have a writer of each healing class to write sections for each encounter. Or, a guide which needs a lot of pictures might have someone specifically responsible for that.

More people are needed for most of the guides, so if you want to help, go to the project's link above and sign up!

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