Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Update - Current Projects

Hi folks! It's that time again, and I'm bringing you my monthly update. You may have noticed that I've been a little sparse with my posts this month. I've been working hard on my D&D Campaign World, which I will be running for some other geeky people in my WoW guild, and it's been taking up a fair amount of time.

Here's a link to last month's update, if you'd like a refresher.

Completed Last Month
  • Major Addon Update - Thanks to Jame, I now have the ability to release updates for the addon. I compiled all the revisions completed by the WoW-Pro community, including my revamp of the Horde 31-41 guide, and released them.
  • GIMP Guide - Yes, it was finally released. It's a simple guide, but it is in wiki format so if anyone has tips to add they can! I even got a complement from a friend of mine who has nothing to do with WoW-Pro, who found it useful. So that's good I suppose!
Look Forward This Month To...
  • Tree Guide Update - It's that time again. I'll be adding the new items from patch 3.2 and updating the healing strategies accordingly.
  • Retro Raids, Part 1 - I have been working hard on this, but it's quite a lot of work. I'm over halfway done with the first section, and I do think I will release it this month.
  • Addon Work: Horde 31-41 Speed Testing - So, I'm considering transfering Mokrana to my home server. I will still be using a strict no-interference policy with her, but I have no reason to stay on the server she is on and I want to get away from PvP ganking. Anyway, we will quickly be approaching the shaman kick-ass region of leveling, where she will start catching up with those darn paladins.
Ongoing Projects
  • Achievements with Honani - Honani's been racking in the achievements. Currently I'm working on acquiring recipes and being horribly frustrated by the disparaty between Alliance-only and Horde-only recipes. I think I might wait until the new Harvest Festival in September, rather than scrambling around for quested Alliance recipes. I'm also working on Outland heroics and various other general achievements.
  • Retro Raiding Guide - I'll be working on this guide for quite some time, and releasing it in parts. It will cover all non-WotLK content. If better guides for specific sections have been written, I'll probably just summarize and link to those guides. Currently I'm completing Outland heroics as research for this guide (and for those yummy yummy achievements)
  • Addon Work - I plan to continue my revamp and speed testing of the Horde addon guides.
Possible Future Projects
  • Fishing and Cooking Leveling Guide (Horde)
  • Fishing Achievement Guide
  • Cooking Achievement Guide
  • What a Long Strange Trip It's Been guide
  • Various Instance Guides
  • Continued work on the Loot System Guide
  • General Healing Guide (for beginners)
  • Advanced Healing Guide (using addons or macros effectively)
  • Specific Healing Guides (for each instance/raid)
There you have it! I'm hoping to be more active this month, even if it's just a few extra little updates. I plan to post at least once a week, but I hope to increase my post frequency to once every few days if possible.

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