Saturday, July 17, 2010

WoW-Pro Addon Version 0.11

This is just a quick patch which fixes some bugs and adds a couple features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I included the guides which were modified by Shakazam as well as the most up to date guides that others have uploaded here. So if you are working on a guide right now, PLEASE make a back up of it and be careful that your working version doesn't get overwritten when you download this new update!

Bug Fixes:
  • New Character Load: Fixed the issue that was causing multiple errors on load for any new characters other than orcs, trolls, or draenei. Sorry, I thought I fixed this long ago but apparently I didn't!
  • Nil Guide Infinite Loop: Nil guide was set to load itself upon completion, causing an infinite loop. I fixed this and also coded for the case where a "next guide" was not listed, so the user should not see any errors due to this anymore.
New features:
  • Enable/Disable: The addon as a whole and also individual modules can now be enabled or disabled from their config panels. Disabling hides the frames and unregisters events, but leaves the config panels and minimap button in place.
  • Load Default Settings: The main config panel now has an option to reload the default settings.

  • Panda: Thanks to Gylin, who located the in game icon, we now have an actual panda icon which matches WoW-Pro's logo. Yay!
More features are hopefully on the way tomorrow, but I wanted to get this quick patch out to help with those nasty bugs!

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