Sunday, July 18, 2010

WoW-Pro Addon Version 0.12 - BETA Candidate

Alright folks, this could be it. I've uploaded the most recent version of the addon, and I've crossed every bug and needed feature off my list. So if this goes well in testing, I'll release it on the main WoW-Pro site next week.

Bug Fixes:
  •  Double-clicking the titlebar to hide the guide no long makes the guide display an empty window on reopen when resize is enabled
  • Tooltips no longer appear off the screen if the guide is placed on the left side of the screen. NOTE: Itembuttons will always appear on the left side. It was producing a lot of lag to try and move them, and I think they still look better over there even with the guide is on that side of the screen.
  • The guide no longer jumps in position when being hidden or when automatically resizing itself when using the manual step number setting.
  • The lag due to changing the guide's size or the row spacing or size is now gone.
  • Quest tracking now works when you first load up your character - it was not working until guide update or reload in the past.
New Features:
  • Cooldown on Item Buttons
  • Confirmation Message - when the addon tries to load the next guide after you've completed one. You have the option to choose a guide from the menu instead.
  • Optional |O| and Prerequisite |PRE| tags - Full functionality added. |O| tags must be accompanied by a |PRE| tag or a |L| tag to work. The |O| step will display only if the |PRE| quest is complete, or if the required |L| items are in the player's inventory
  • Minimap Button can be hidden
  • Version Number - now displayed in the config panel
Still To Come:
  • |LVL| tag, displayed if you are below that level
  • |T| tag, targets specified mob and marks it
  • |LEAD| tag, for optional lead-in quests that don't show up if you've already completed their follow-up
  • Z step type. Because Horde have zeppelins not boats dammit!
  • Quest dependencies
  • Quest skipping
  • Right click step to share quests
  • Numbered ranking for steps, and a difficulty slider that allows users to skip unimportant / lower XP quests. Intended for RaF, heirlooms, or heavy instancers. (conversely also good for completists, who can use the lowest setting).
 Test away, and let me know if you notice any issues!


  1. I found a bug in version 0.12 (Not a huge bug though). But if you delete you WTF files for WoW_Pro Leveling you will see that there is no guide selected.

    If you press it you will get a dialog which asks you to load the next guide or that you pick a guide. If you select next guide and go to the configuration screen and do 'Current guide' you will get the error I've posted on twitter.

    Greetings Ralpb

  2. The icon for 'set hearthstone here' appears to be the footprints used for 'walk here'.

  3. And sometimes it also seems to use the quest icon instead... Might be something wrong with the process of converting the guides?