Monday, September 27, 2010

Addon Update - v1.4.0

It's that time again! I just uploaded another update to the WoW-Pro leveling addon. Click here to download it!

This update is mostly bug fixes, with one nice new feature added by Silvann - coordinate based completion! This means we can have a run step which directs the user to an exact location, rather than just a general area. Thanks for the awesome contribution, Silvann!

Full version notes incoming...

New Features
  • Coordinate based completion. GUIDE CODERS: Use |CC| to enable coordinate completion, and |CS| for a specific coordinate sequence, both with R type steps.
  • Several guide files have been updated
Bug Fixes:
  • Minor bugs with mapping coordinates fixed
  • Error causing Hellfire Peninsula guide to be unplayable has been fixed
  • Issues in several guides caused by a lack of a QID have been fixed
  • Faction neutral guides should now correctly show up in the guide list
  • Accept steps with |PRE| tags will no longer be incorrectly skipped

Tour Guide Recorder

Pretzl recently discovered that Tekkub is still updating his Tour Guide Recorder over on WoW Interface. The Tour Guide Recorder can be used to create guide files for our addon as well, though some editing will be needed to change the coordinate style from TourGuide's version to our own. Obviously these guides will be very bare bones, with no notes and none of the awesome features we've added (such as sticky steps, ranking, and step skipping). But it can be a great way to start, especially when writing guides from scratch. Until I can put together our own in game recorder and editor, this is a great option. Thanks Pretzl, for finding this!

The World of Jiya

An update on what's going on with me - I've been even busier than expected. I'm still unpacking in my new home, and school starts at 8am tomorrow morning (ewww). Still, I expect that things will shortly settle down and I will be back to my old active self.

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