Thursday, September 16, 2010

Secret New Project

I've started work on a new project, inspired by Pretzl of WoW-Pro. I'll be working on it in my off time when I need a break from addon work. It's pretty small, but a fun little guide that I hope people will find amusing and useful, or at least an interesting peak into the beta for those who don't have access.

I won't tell you all exactly what it is yet, though! It will be a surprise!

Beta Buzz

I've been exploring the beta, and I have to say I can amuse myself for hours just flying around looking at the changed scenery. It's gorgeous. I've also peeked into some of the low level dungeons, and I definitely like the changes I see. Beautiful dungeon maps, quest givers at the beginning of the instance - oh to level at such a time!

My biggest disappointment this week was learning that the year's work I put into What a Long Strange Trip It's Been is essentially worthless. The Violet Proto-Drake has been downgraded to a 280% mount, and you have to buy the next level of flying just like everyone else if you want to fly at 310% speed. I think this was a bad call on Blizzard's part, basically taking away a fun toy that people worked hard to earn. I understand not applying that 310% to all our other mounts, but they should have let us keep the fast speed on the ugly purple drake, at least. Oh well.

The World of Jiya

I will be moving this Saturday, and plan to get a new version of the addon up before then. I'm also working hard on the guide recorder, but it's slow going. Hats off to Shakazahn, who found an abandoned project similar to ours which uses a guide recorder - we'll be reverse engineering it to get ideas on how to implement ours.

Future Plans

Once the craze of getting leveling guides ready to go dies down, I'd really like to purchase FRAPS and get some video editing software so I can make some video guides. I'd like to think I'd do a decent job of it. Subjects I could cover include boss fights, achievements, class advice, and who knows what else!

That's all I have for today, just wanted to give you folks an update on the goings-on for WoW-Pro and myself.

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