Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pollinator Update - Time for Top Down!

With all the drama and business going on in my life the past month, I haven’t devoted much time to my game development work. I’m determined to change that this month, no matter how busy I get. My main objective this month is to re-write pollinator’s code so that it is top-down and radial-based, rather than side view and rectangle-based. My good friend and fellow game developer from V Squared productions shared some ideas with me for accomplishing this, as well as his radial collision detection code, so I should be able to get the re-write done with minimal headache.

After that, I plan on working diligently on the C++ version of the game, then porting it to a Java Applet, Android, and possibly HTML5 or even Flash. I plan to begin working with my artistic teammates this weekend to discuss ideas for graphics, sound, music, and voice acting. I’m quite excited and hope to be posting updates more regularly!

Once I get the basic top-down game ready, I plan to record a short video of the gameplay and post it here. Look forward to it!

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