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Diablo III - Act I - The Fallen Star

Diablo III - A Completionist Guide
Act I - The Fallen Star

These guides are not intended to teach you how to play the game, but are instead full documentation of where all of the completionist goodies can be found. This includes finding all of the dungeons, events, conversations, and lore books. We assume this is not your first playthrough, and don't recommend trying to get everything the first time around as you'll need multiple map resets to get everything - and you must have played through Act II to get all of the blacksmith and jewelcrafter's conversations anyway. Enjoy!

Act I - The Fallen Star is the first quest of Act I. This guide will walk you through the quest in order to find each dungeon, conversation, lore, and other goodies. Completion will certainly take multiple map restarts.

New Tristram

Head into town, accept the quest from the guard at the gate. There is an achievement for killing the dead in under 15 seconds.


  • Gate Crasher - After speaking to Captain Rumford, kill all the zombies that attack in under 15 seconds during the Fallen Star quest.


  • Haedrig Eamon (the blacksmith) - "New Tristram"
A History of New Tristram in the inn
Lore Books:
  • A History of New Tristram just inside The Slaughtered Calf Inn - "New Tristram"
  • Leah's Book in Leah's Room inside the Inn - "Leah's Journal, Part 1"

Talk to Leah and get her quest. Complete the quest. Head out to talk to Rumford. Kill the mobs.

Monster Lore:
  • Kill a Wretched Mother - "Wretched Mothers"
Head up the road.

Old Tristram Road / Old Ruins

Continue up the road to the Old Ruins.  Kill the Wretched Mother, then explore. You may find several things of note in this area. 

Monster Lore:
  • Kill a Risen - "Risen Dead"
  • Kill a Quill Fiend- " Quill Fiend "

Lore Books:
  • Adventurer's Corpse - "Traveler's Journal"
  • Old Keepsake Box - "Cain's Old Journal, Part 1"
  • Old Keepsake Box - "Cain's Old Journal, Part 2"
  • Old Keepsake Box - "Gillian's Diary, Part 1"
  • Old Keepsake Box - "Gillian's Diary, Part 2"
  • Old Keepsake Box - "Despina's Journal"
  • Warriv (next to some flaming wagons) - "Warriv's Journal"
  • Old Keepsake Box  - "Lost Journal"
  • Old Keepsake Box  - "Old Tristram Journal"

The Cave Under the Well
  • In a well halfway down the road - "The Cave Under the Well"
  • Next to a farm house right at the beginning - "Musty Cellar"
  • Next to a farm house halfway down the road - "Dank Cellar"
  • Next to a farm house near the Old Ruins - "Damp Cellar" 
  • Near one of the houses in the Old Ruins - "Dark Cellar"

The Anvil of Fury
  • An object called "The Anvil of Fury" will occasionally spawn. Clicking it gives a sword called "Griswold's Worn Edge", with flavor text. This is a reference to a quest in Diablo I.

New Tristram

Take the waygate back to New Tristram. Talk to Rumford to advance to the next quest.

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