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Diablo III - Act I - The Legacy of Cain

Diablo III - A Completionist Guide
Act I - The Legacy of Cain

These guides are not intended to teach you how to play the game, but are instead full documentation of where all of the completionist goodies can be found. This includes finding all of the dungeons, events, conversations, and lore books. We assume this is not your first playthrough, and don't recommend trying to get everything the first time around as you'll need multiple map resets to get everything - and you must have played through Act II to get all of the blacksmith and jewelcrafter's conversations anyway. Enjoy!

Act I - The Legacy of Cain  is the second quest of Act I. This guide will walk you through the quest in order to find each dungeon, conversation, lore, and other goodies. Completion will certainly take multiple map restarts.

New Tristram

Talk to Leah to begin the quest. There are a few new things in New Tristram to explore before setting out.

Lore Books:
  • Book on a table inside Cain's House - "Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 1"
  • Leah's Book in Leah's Room inside the Inn - "Leah's Journal, Part 2"

Talking to Leah


  • Leah (right-click her portrait) - "Tristram"
  • Leah - "Adria's Death"

Adria's Hut
Take the waygate to the Old Ruins. follow the road north and east to Adria's Hut. After the fight talk to Leah and you'll receive the lore "Adria's Journal" automatically.

Lore Books:
  • Received when progressing the quest with Leah after defeating Captain Dalton - "Adria's Journal "

Cathedral Level 1

Continue down the road to the Cathedral.

  • Along Old Tristram Road on the way to the Cathedral, a big hole in the ground with hanging bodies over it - "Mass Grave"

Monster Lore:
  • Kill a Carrion Bat - "Carrion Bat"
  • Kill a Grotesque - " Grotesque "
The Scribe's Lectern

Lore Books:
  • Scribe's Lectern - "Lachdanan's Scroll, Part X" - Parts 1-5 can be found here depending on what your character has previously read. You can also find them throughout the cathedral.
The Black Mushrooms


  • In one of the rooms, Black Mushrooms occasionally spawn. Right-click the object to obtain "Black Mushroom". This is a component for the "Staff of Herding", used to open a portal to the Unicorn Level (aka the new Cow Level)

This is also a good place to work on the following challenges, due to the low enemy health and proliference of chandeliers and other environmental hazards.

  • Light Entertainment - Kill 666 enemies with a falling chandelier.
  • Situational Awareness - Kill 1,000 enemies using the environment

After exploring, head down to Leoric's Passage. Save Cain. There is an achievement for killing "Headcleaver" (the rare) before killing any of the other skeletons. 


  • Cut Off The Head - Kill Headcleaver before killing any of the Royal Henchmen who arrive with him in Leoric's Passage. 

New Tristram

Go through the secret passage, and take the waygate back to New Tristram. Speak to Leah to complete the quest.

See "Diablo III - Act I - A Shattered Crown" for the next quest (coming soon)

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