Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life of Jiya: Pokemon, Scotland, and Summer

Life sure has been awesomely busy for me lately! I haven't had much time to post here, what with work, school, and various other projects. Now school is done but I feel as though my life is still getting busier!

Scotland Preparation

One of the things taking up most of my time these days is getting everything in order for heading to Scotland. I've sent in my Visa application and am eagerly awaiting a decision. I've secured lodging in Scotland and have researched plane tickets, though I'm waiting to buy them for the final word from the UK Border Agency. I'm nearly bursting with excitement, and can't wait to start my adventure across the pond in September.

Summer of Busyness

Until then, however, I have about a million things to do back in the good ole USA. Preparing to move overseas is bad enough - unfortunately I will have to move out of the apartment that I share with my boyfriend two weeks before I leave for Scotland, so I'll be living out of a suitcase for that time. In addition, I have activities planned throughout the summer, including my normal gaming groups every other weekend, two conventions, a week-long trip to Arizona, a trip to say goodbye to my old house and visit my parents, and a ren faire. I'm also helping a friend create a video game, working on my own projects, and trying to play some as well. Oh, and still working full time at Intel. No rest for the wicked, I suppose!

Pokemon 4e

One of my biggest (and most fun) time sinks lately has been modifying the D&D 4e system for the world of Pokemon. This has been a huge and awesome undertaking, and luckily I'm receiving a ton of support from my friends. When I'm done, I'll be releasing the finished product out into the internets for all to share. Look forward to it!

I'll try to post here once a week with some summary of my activities, a review, a sneak peak at something I'm working on, or a guide.

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