Friday, November 21, 2008

The Leveling Interlude

As a raiding guild, AEAE has had to make some changes while our members level in Northrend. We want to keep folks active and interested in the guild while they level, but our normal activity - raiding - is obviously not available yet. I've been brainstorming some other fun stuff that we can do:
  • Have a leveling contest, with cheers and recognition for the first to each level.
  • Organize LOTS of instance runs, to keep group skills up.
  • Continue our screenshot contest - there are lots of great scenes in Northrend.
  • Level in groups - it's both fun and more efficient.

Despite the urge to rush to 80 and raid, there are a lot of folks (myself included) who want to enjoy the content while it's new - too soon we will be burnt out on it. AEAE has always been a guild that played to have fun, not just to be the best - enjoying leveling to 80 is part of that.

In other news, leveling my resto druid is very very slow. I tried going boomkin but was sadly bad at it (like really bad). I am debating whether to continue with my druid right now or bring up my rogue to 80, or even start my death knight.

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