Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WoW-Pro Wish List

As you may know, I am an active user and contributor on Jame's website, WoW-Pro. I have, for some time, been throwing around ideas in my head of things that I think would make the website better. I thought I ought to write those down somewhere, so I'm going to do it here.

  • Contribs - On the user's page, show the guides they have authored or co-authored.
  • Watchlist - In addition to the current "Recent Changes", let us choose guides we would like to watch for updates.
  • Favorites - Could be combined with watchlist. Can add guides to favorites, shows when a favorite guide has been updated or commented on.
  • Friends list - let me know when my favorite contributors are online!
  • Improved Front Page - I'd prefer to see a little less clutter on the Home page. Maybe one or two less news posts, so we can more easily see the new guides. I think the old news post from Snowflake summarizing leveling guides is sort of old, maybe it could be linked to from Jame's LINKS news post.
  • Guide Rating - I know Jame is working on this one, I just can't wait for it to come out. Some guides really need to go away, and some need more recognition! Can be tied into the Karma system
  • Comment Rating - I think Jame mentioned this, possibly as another automatic way to do his Karma system. Not as vital as guide rating, though.
  • Improved Categorization - Some of the organization of guides can be improved. There are some issues that Jame has mentioned - atm, guides can't be in two categories at once, so things like class-specific leveling guides make for confusion.
  • Featured Guide - it would be cool to have a special "Featured Guide" that changes periodically, that could be based on the guide's ratings. This could appear on the main page or on a sidebar.
  • More Newsletters! - I really liked the October one, keep it up! I'm sure you can think of even more fun/useful stuff to put in the newsletter too :)
  • Live Karma Data - I know this is coming eventually, once the system gets automated. Just putting it on here for completeness.
  • View Count - Check out how many unique users/IP views a guide has gotten. I always am curious if people actually ever read my guides.
  • General Guides - A silly pet peeve of mine, these guides are not general, they are quite specific - general would be something like "WoW tips" or whatever. Maybe change title to "More Guides" or something.
  • Comment Notification - a simple notification, similar to the message one already in place, for when someone comments on your guide or responds to a comment of yours. Optionally, it could also inform for comments on your favorite guides.

I'll add to this as I think of things.

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