Friday, December 19, 2008

Feast of Winter Veil

My time for the last few days (and probably for the next few days as well) has been spent working towards achievements for the Feast of Winter Veil. Blizzard has made this a somewhat onerus task this time around, particularly for newly leveled characters. You see, it is no longer necessary or even really advantageous to go through the group quests and become neutral with Ogri'La - yet Blizzard decided to require this for their Winter Veil achievements. In addition, one of the achievements requires 325 cooking, something I never bothered to get on my second character since my first had it. Consequently I've spent the last five hours or so of game time clicking a bobber, since fishing is the best way to level cooking. At least I can watch TV while doing it.

There are plenty of games with a fishing mechanic, and essentially all of them are better than Blizzard's. Most allow you to catch a more diverse range of fish from a single place, of differing sizes. Most involve at least some kind of interaction or mini game where you fight the fish as you reel it in, or need to jerk the line once the fish bites. Why can't WoW have something like this? Come on, Blizz.

Despite being annoyed at Blizz for forcing me to leveling a boring skill that I was planning on leveling eventually anyway, I am still excited for another holiday achievement. However, I learned yesterday, to my sadness, that the Brewfest achievement requires you to drink one of every beer from the beer of the month club - this means I am going to have to wait almost two years to get the meta achievement, which is really ridiculous. I hope Blizzard considers taking this achievement out of the meta, as they did with the Mask for All Occasions.

Anyway, as a result of all my fishing and cooking, I am planning to modify and port in one of the old guides I wrote for WoWWiki on leveling fishing and cooking. I'll post an update here when I release the guide.


  1. I´m reading every of your articles, please write more ;)

    Oh and while I´m here, merry christmas to you Jiyambi!

    Time for me to go back to getting drunk with the family ^^

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  3. Thanks Jame! I hope you had a great holiday too!