Thursday, December 11, 2008


I originally was going to make this a post about my WoW-Pro plans, as discussed by Jame in his blog. Instead I am going to talk about that in a different post: I felt the need to gripe a bit first about my guild situation.

Lately I have been feeling like I don't have a lot of input (dare I say controll) over what goes on in my guild. As a "guild leader", I feel like I put a ton of work in. Quite frankly, I feel like I work a lot harder than our GM (I only dare to say this since as far as I know there is no possible way she will ever read this). Don't get me wrong, she's my friend (which is why I've never said anything about it) - I just don't really feel like she does the things she should as a GM. While she was gone dealing with RL stuff, I felt a bit better - I was mostly running things (though there are also a few officers who are getting on my nerves). But I still didnt have the ability to do some of the things that the officers and I agreed on (in particular, some changes to our rank system). It was extremely frustrating. Yes, RL comes before WoW always! But we can't have an inactive or missing GM - by taking the responsibilty of being GM, you are comitting to be there. If RL stuff is going to be a continuing problem, then you need to give someone else the GM status.

At this point I have all the work and none of the satisfaction of being in charge. I update the website, people look to me to organize meetings, people constantly discuss things and talk about changing the way I have things set up (after we had all decided on them) then expect me to change them. I feel required to hurry to level 80 so I can lead raids, I feel like I need to spend my play time doing things for the guild - and yet all it seems I have is responsibility, without any benefit. Perhaps this is selfish of me, but I would at least like to see recognition of what I do. As it is the GM barely uses the website that I maintain, doesn't participate in policy discussions, then overrules decisions the officers had come to when she comes back after a month-long absense. I have one officer who also thinks he is a GM and tries to make the guild into his own vision of it, rather than what everyone wants. It's becoming extremely stressful.

My conclusion: quit being an officer. Take the stress off. People will probably see it as me having a pity party, but that's not really the case. It's just the best solution I see with the way I am feeling about the situation. I'm giving my self a week to make sure it's what I want, but after that I am going to request to be demoted. I'm just sick of running the guild while someone else has all the power and attention (so call me an egomaniac, whatever).


  1. hey there ;)

    ah, I feel for u, rly. I had a similar experience back when i was still playing gw.. the guild leader was a real slacker.. while I was writing our web page, forum, moderating, coming up with tactics and group setups, he was just acting pretentious and taking credit for my work. that's why i decided to confront him and I told him that being a GL means more than just being a pretty face, it requires a certain responsibility, commitment. Of course we had a big falling out nd he dragged me through mud in the guild, but i rly wasn't sry that i said sth. It just made me realize how big of a jerk he was, despite the fact he was an incredibly talented player. However life went on.. i explained the guild everything be4 i left nd some close friends went with me 2 form our own guild. I saw that they rly appreciated my effort. afterwards things picked up gr8. the workload was spread very evenly, more ppl wanted 2 contribute, we had a shared leadership between officers (though i still have doubts bout that) and we beacame a very closly-knit community playin in harmony(doh, i know, sounds a bit tacky).[u dont know how satisfying it was 2 beat the very same guild a couple months later in a gvg. btw i miss gvg in wow :\]
    K, I know this doesnt rly translates to your lil situation, but i guess what i'm trying to say is, that i understand how u feel. nd my advice would be, to try nd considerately bring up ur problem, try to work this out, voice ur opinion, speak up ;) Because i worry a bit that, if u wont u might regret it. Sry i wrote so much nd mind that this is just one person's view nd that i'm kinda silly :p oh nd a bit tipsy atm. So feel free 2 just say w/e girl.

    Oh, what i actually just wanted 2 say is that i love ur contribution on wow-pro. Since i also have a resto, i found ur tree guide 2 be a blessing from above. thanks a bunch ;)

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate the advice. I do want to make a clarification - the GL and people in the guild DO recognize my contribtions and thanks me for them, I guess I'm just holding the GL to my standards, which isn't entirely fair. Anyway, I really think the best thing for me to do is to no longer be an officer - aside from just the frustration, it is stressful and RL is getting more and more intense for me (trying to graduate with my bachelor's and get ready for grad school!). And now I have a new outlet for my organizational/writing/designing drive - WoW-Pro!

    Also, I am really glad you liked my tree guide! Let me know if you notice anything wrong with it or anything you would like to see added :)


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