Thursday, April 9, 2009

Horde Leveling Addon - Nagrand

Hey folks! Deedlet just cleared out Nagrand, and all the major group quests to boot, including Durn and Ring of Blood. She needed groups for those two, but solo'd all the other group quests in the guide. Yay for prot pallies!

She also got two new awesome experiences tanking. One was for Sethekk Halls, and went pretty well... she even got a [Libram of the Eternal Rest] which buffs her consecrate a little. She did well there, but got her face eaten off in Utgarde Keep. We couldn't finish :( but it was still a really good experience, and she's got some better gear now and hopes to go back soon!

This section of the addon went very smoothly, as most of what Black Cat coded has. I'm going to award it it's first star of quality on the WoW-Pro website. Next up is Blade's Edge Mountains - unfortunately I am going to have to write that section from scratch! So it may be a bit longer between updates.

*Link to Updated Nagrand Addon File*

Deedlet rains death on the ogres of Nagrand!