Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Howling Fjord and Other News

Well, Deedlet has completed yet another chapter of her leveling journey. As you can tell by the title, I decided to skip the rest of Outland and travel to Northrend. I will go back and complete Outland sometime, and will write the addon version of those guides if need be, but right now I am very excited about Deedlet's progress and learning to tank, so I decided to head to Northrend for better gear.

In other news, I've been exploring Ulduar on my main character, Honani the tree druid. It looks to be a very fun raid, but so far it's really hard! Flame Leviathan is a joke, but our guild couldn't down XT-002 when we tried on Sunday. Granted we only did around 5 attempts before calling it, and only that one night, and we had some rather stupid PuGs with us. Darrgoe, I know you read this, you better not make us PuG a crappy tank next time! ;)

I've also purchased dual specs for both Deedlet and Honani. Deedlet has ret and prot, and Honani has tree and boomkin. So far I really like both of Deedlet's specs, but Honani is a kind of crappy lazer chicken. Hopefully my good friend Shapa can help her get better, he kicks butt!

Last but not least, I thought I'd make a little list of my goals and projects, like Jame did in his most recent blog post:

  • Complete the gear update for my Tree guide (short term)
  • Complete that GIMP guide - I know I'm taking forever at it! (short term)
  • Speed test Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Chapter 1 (short term)
  • Write my "retro raiding guide" (medium term)
  • Get Deedlet to level 80, while testing the current guides (medium term)
  • Write a fishing/cooking leveling guide (long term, if no one else does it!)
  • Speed test the rest of Jame's Horde leveling guides (long term)
  • Save for epic flyers for both Honani and Deedlet!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Deedlet in Howling Fjord, so you folks don't get one for this blog post. I'll make it up to you and include pictures of my Ulduar exploits next time!

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  1. A cooking guide would be awesome! A fishing guide for that matter, too, but cooking has always frustrated me.