Friday, May 29, 2009

Upcoming Projects

Hey all!

So, I'm *sort of* back. I still have finals and moving, but I've worked through a lot of my pile of homework so I may be more active again. Expect me back to full steam around June 15th.

I thought I'd start off with yet another list of what I'm working on, in roughly the order of importance/urgency. This includes both my WoW-Pro goals and my in-game personal goals, which are sometimes intertwined.
  1. Tree guide update - this is actually almost done, and is definitely my highest priority.
  2. GIMP guide release - I know, I know, take forever. It will be a wiki page editable by all.
  3. Retro Raids - In roughly this order: Kalimdor Instances, Eastern Kindoms Instances, Old World Raids, Outland Instances, and Outland Raids. This will probably be a long-term, ongoing project released in parts while I work on other things simultaneously. Currently the first section is in progress.
  4. Revamp of WoW-Pro's "FAQ" Page - Currently it's more of an "about this site" page. I want to make it a real FAQ, for all of the "Jame when u coming out wif new guidezz lol hurry up!" (and the like) posts. We won't have to dignify those with a response anymore, just a link to the FAQ. Yay!
  5. Get Deedlet to level 80 - This is a big one for me. I've just had such a blast with this paladin, and I really want to start doing end-game content with her.
  6. Achievements with Honani - As you can probably guess, this is ongoing. Honani is officially an achievement whore. She's currently focusing on fishing achievements, but is also working towards rep, pet, and mount achievements, with questing achievements also in the works.
  7. Addon Work - I have lots going on in the addon testing project on WoW-Pro. Here are some of the things I'm working on, or plan to work on if no one else gets to it first:
    • Horde Dragonblight Revamp
    • Horde Grizzly Hills Revamp
    • Horde 21-31 Speed Testing
    • Horde 31-41 Revamp and Speed Testing
    • Horde 41-51 Revamp and Speed Testing
    • Speed Testing 51-80 (should be pretty high quality already)
    • Blade's Edge Mountains Coding
    • Netherstorm Coding
    • Shadowmoon Valley Coding
    • Daily Quest Guide Coding
  8. Future Guides - I have lots of ideas for future guides, once I finish what I'm currently working on. These all depend on whether someone else has already made a quality guide, of course:
    • Fishing and cooking leveling guide
    • Fishing achievement guide
    • Cooking achievement guide
    • What a Long Strange Trip It's Been guide
    • Instance guides
    • Continue work on Loot System guide

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