Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June/July Update - Current Projects

I think I'm going to do a monthly update to keep you folks informed on what I'm working on at any given time. You may remember my update from May. I've gotten some of that done, but still have a lot to do. I'll recap the stuff that was on last month's list, even if I have completed it, and also add anything new that I'm working on. Here goes!

Completed Last Month
  • Tree Guide Update - Finally the tree healing guide is updated for 3.1! Just in time for them to announce 3.2.... *sigh*
  • Midsummer Fire Festival Addon (Horde) - I made a short Tour Guide version of a guide that was posted to WoWhead, with the addition of the Northrend fires made by yours truly. Hope you folks find it useful!
  • Speed Testing: Jame's Horde 21-31 (A.K.A. The Adventured of Mokrana, Part 3) - Better speed than before, but still not matching up with Jame's Alliance speed test. Stupid shaman.
  • Horde Dragonblight Addon Revision - I haven't made a post on here about it yet, but I have completed the Dragonblight section of the addon revisions. Look for a post about this in the next few days!
  • Deedlet hits 80! - This was a personal goal of mine, and it has been completed! Deedlet is now level 80 and has already tanked a run of Naxx 10. Yay!
Look Forward This Month To...
  • GIMP Guide - Yeah. Really this time, I swear.
  • Retro Raids, Part 1 - Hope to release the first section of my planned Retro Raiding Guide this month.
  • Minor WoW-Pro Site Changes - I'm going to start flexing my moderator muscles and see what I can improve around the site, mostly in categorization and the FAQ page that I've been whining about.
  • Addon Work: Horde 31-41 Revamp - Hoping to complete my initial revamp of the Horde 31-41 section this month. Speed testing may also come this month, but I may not have time.
Ongoing Projects
  • Achievements with Honani - Another personal project of mine, which I may turn into various guides eventually. I'll probably post here and brag if I get any particularly awesome achievements.
  • Retro Raiding Guide - I'll be working on this guide for quite some time, and releasing it in parts. It will cover all non-WotLK content. If better guides for specific sections have been written, I'll probably just summarize and link to those guides.
  • Addon Work - I plan to continue my revamp and speed testing of the Horde addon guides.
Possible Future Projects
So that's what I'm working on! I probably won't make an update for July, since it's almost the end of the month already. But of course we'll have lots of more detailed posts between now and the next project update, in August!

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