Friday, February 5, 2010

Many Roles

Last time I talked about tanking with different classes. Today I'd like to talk about branching out in a different way: Trying out each possible talent tree for your characters.

On Honani, my main, I've filled every role a druid can fill. I've found that I dislike Boomkin, because I like to be up front and in the action when I DPS. I've healed extensively, and now I tank and kitty DPS as my main two specs. I feel like I have a very solid understanding of all that a druid can do, and I think it has greatly benefited my playstyle.

On Deedlet, my second level 80, I have both tanked and DPSd, and am now building a healing set. I want to try out that last talent tree just to see what it's like. Who knows, what if I really love healing as a paladin? And it seems a shame to have a level 80 character and not try out everything they have available.

On the other hand, during BC, I played a rogue named Jiyambi and never set foot outside of combat daggers spec. She's assassination now, but I've never ever seen the subtlety tree. If she ever gets to level 80, I hope to grab a duel spec and make a PvP spec just to try out that last tree.

Do you find it fun and interesting to try out many different options for your characters? Or do you pick one and stick with it? Have you ever been asked by your guild to change specs only to find that you really like your new one?

In other news, I am hoping to work on a new guide this weekend. We'll see if I manage to finish it!

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