Saturday, February 20, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 Goodies!

MMO Champion put up their summary of the PTR 3.3.3 patch notes today, and there are a lot of interesting things in there.
  • [Frozen Orbs] may be less useless in the coming patch, as they will be used as currency, but to buy what, we don't know yet. There are some conjectures that things like [Frost Lotus] or even emblems may be purchasable in this manner. The bottom line is, HANG ON TO YOUR ORBS! I know some people have gotten in the habit of VENDORING these items because they sell so badly on the AH these days. Keep them, they may just be useful!
  • Cooldowns will be removed for crafting [Titansteel Bars], [Moonshroud], [Spellweave] and [Ebonweave]. These items will probably be dropping drastically in price, so try to sell the ones you've got now.
  • Some fun changes to battlegrounds on the way, including the random battleground feature. Marks will no longer be used to buy stuff, so use em up now! This is good news for me, since I will be farming my battleground mounts in the future!
  • Deserter debuff buffed! I really hate this change. This means that, if a tank bails in HHoR and the group doesn't want to find another, everyone but one of you is out of luck for not 15, but now THIRTY minutes!
  • Inability to need items clarified. I still call this bullshit, Blizz. If I'm on my tree and a cloth upgrade drops that no one else needs, I should be able to need it. I understand that the rules are in place to protect lower armor type wearers, but it seems ridiculous to force players to shard items that are huge upgrades. This system is clearly broken and needs to be fixed.
  • Improvements on the vote to kick system. I like this.
  • World event bosses added to dungeon finder! Yay!
  • Quest tracking improvements. They seem useful.
  • Various class changes, but none involving druids.
Overall I'm looking forward to 3.3.3. What about you folks?

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