Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updated: WoW-Pro Improvements

Wow has it been a while since I've posted here! I'm still active on my Twitter account and over at WoW-Pro. I've been working hard on an addon to bring WoW-Pro guides into the game, you can check it out over at: https://sites.google.com/site/wowproaddon

Jame has asked me to update my old list of possible improvements for WoW-Pro.com, so here is what I've got:
  • Comment Rating - It's been mentioned and I still am looking forward to it. A simple thumbs up or down would be all that's needed for this. Add to this graying out or minimizing badly ranked comments and automatic comment purging.
  • Improved Categorization - Some of the organization of guides can be improved. There are some issues that Jame has mentioned - atm, guides can't be in two categories at once, so things like class-specific leveling guides make for confusion.
  • Featured Guide - it would be cool to have a special "Featured Guide" that changes periodically, that could be based on the guide's ratings. This could appear on the main page or on a sidebar.
  • Automation of the Karma System - As a moderator, I've got to say that keeping track of Karma for comments is just not going to happen. Karma for guides is possible, but what about Karma for addon work? Blog posts? And whatnot. Some automation in the Karma system is on the top of my wish list. Pretty much all the ranks below Moderator could be automated as well, but I would definitely recommend NOT automating the Moderator rank.
  • View Count - Check out how many unique users/IP views a guide has gotten. I always am curious if people actually ever read my guides.
  • General Guides - A silly pet peeve of mine, these guides are not general, they are quite specific - general would be something like "WoW tips" or whatever. Maybe change title to "More Guides" or something.
  • Comment Notification - a simple notification, similar to the PM one already in place, for when someone comments on your guide or responds to a comment of yours. I know this is already in place for watched guides, but having an option to turn it on automatically for comment strings you are participating in could be nice.
  • Karma for Ranking Guides - One point of Karma for ranking guides might be nice, though this might be a bit much too. Some reward to get people out there and rating the guides would be good.
  • Clear Policy for Guide "Purges" - By purge I mean simply putting a guide back to Work in Progress. Something like "If a guide has five votes and has a ranking of 2 or less it goes back to work in progress". We want everyone to contribute but we also want to be known for having high quality guides.
  • Blogs - I know a few users have, in the past, wanted to come out with mini-guides or weekly tips. Having some category or format more tailored to this type of "guide" might be nice, though the current system (putting them in their own category) works okay.
I'll add to this as I think of things.

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