Monday, June 21, 2010

WoW-Pro Addon Version 0.6

The newest build for the WoW-Pro addon is up on the addon's website (, and it's packed full of new features! None are quite as impressive as the sticky feature added in the last version of the build, but these are nice all the same:

Bug Fixes:
  • The guide list now has a scrollbar. Sorry about overlooking that!
  • The race (and class) tags will now work if there is more than one race listed - thanks very much Peter!
New Features:
  • Zone tags, for coordinates outside of the guide's current zone, are now operational! Just like in the old Tour Guide version, simply use |Z|Zone Name| to make the coordinates map correctly.
  • Multiple coordinates per step are now functional, just as they used to work with Tour Guide! Simply separate the coordinates with a semi-colon as in this example: |M|36.2,4.38;19.0,52.3|
  • Auto-completion is now enabled for run, fly, boat, and hearth steps.
  • Auto-completion is now enabled for get flightpath steps.
Not bad for a single update!

I'm off work this coming week so I should be putting a lot of hours into the addon. Look for some awesome new stuff next time around. I'm planning to get all of the auto-completion functionality that is in Tour Guide added to our addon by this weekend, and then sink my teeth into the item button feature.

Look forward to it!

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