Monday, June 28, 2010

WoW-Pro Addon Version 0.9

A new version is available for download! Yes I know I skipped version 0.8, I forgot something in the first upload >_<

 Most importantly in this update, I've added the last few pieces of code for auto-completion. All steps should now auto-complete correctly! Additionally, I've added the preliminary code for item buttons. Unfortunately, they don't yet work with sticky steps, and there isn't a visible cool-down displayed on them. If anyone is knowledgeable in programming and wants to help out with this feature, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bug Fixes:
  • The guide no longer anchors to the mini map. This should avoid issues people were having with Carbonite as well as addons which move the minimap.
  • Thanks to Peter for adding code to keep the guides from other factions unlisted :)

New Features:
  • Auto-completion for set hearth steps
  • Auto-completion based on the |L| tag, support for buy steps
  • Auto-completion based on the |QO| tag (partial quest completion)
  • Partial implementation of the item button (see below)
In other news, we've started rewarding Karma points over at WoW-Pro again. I added a section on the linked page explaining points for addon work as well.

With some luck, we'll have a beta version of the addon available on the main WoW-Pro site in a week or two!

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