Monday, June 7, 2010

WoW-Pro Addon Version 0.5

I just uploaded a new version of the WoW-Pro Addon alpha build over on it's website,

New Feature Completed: Sticky Steps

New in this version is the |US| unsticky tag, which completes the "sticky steps" feature. Sticky steps are created using the |S| sticky tag, which causes the step to float at the top of the guide window. These steps indicate things the user should do as they go, while completing the other steps in the guide.

The |US| tag causes the step to be removed from the sticky part of the frame and come back down to the main frame, indicating that the user now needs to complete that step. All that is required is for the two steps to have the same name. The |N| can be completely different, and often should be during the |US| step to inform the user that it's their last chance to complete that step.

There are still quite a few missing features and bugs in the addon, but it's coming along nicely all the same and the support from the WoW-Pro community has been phenomenal.

Remember, if you want to get real time updates of what I'm working on in the addon, follow me on Twitter!

I'll be very busy the next week moving and visiting family, so expect the next update the weekend after next!

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