Friday, March 8, 2013

Creating a PS2 Game - The Beginning

Similar to last semester, this semester I'll be blogging about the development process for my coursework at Abertay. One of my modules this term is Console Development, in which we learn about developing for specific hardware and input devices. For the coursework, we'll be creating a game for the Playstation 2.

The requirements of the coursework are fairly simple: Create a 3D application which accepts user input via the control pad and processes graphics using Vector Unit 1 in the Playstation hardware. The application doesn't even need to be a game, but I think I would like to make it one if I can. Higher marks will be given based on how well the application takes advantage of the Playstation hardware.

My current idea to fulfill this coursework is a game in which the player controls a cannon shooting down things in the sky. This covers user input, as the player will be aiming the cannon using the analogue sticks and firing using one of the buttons. Vibration will be used to give user feedback when the cannon fires and any mid-air explosions, making them feel powerful. The project will involve loading and rendering 3D models, determining collisions (though this can be VERY rough and simulate everything as spheres), and possibly allow the player to move to avoid projectiles.

For graphics, I'm very interested in the cel-shaded style, and may attempt to create the game using it. I plan  on using a cel-shaded style for another of my upcoming games, and this would be a good excuse to learn about it and show my abilities to make something different than the other students. If I choose this, the theme would have to match it - something silly and fun, perhaps shooting "party bombs" with confetti particle effects, or flowers, or something.

This is just the beginnings of the idea, and I don't want to settle on anything too soon. Next week, if I still like the sound of it, I'll start planning the tasks I'll need to complete the game.

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