Monday, March 25, 2013

Dissertation - A New Idea

Previously, I posted here that I was interested in continuing my AI project from last semester as my dissertation for my master's degree. I am still considering this, but today I read an article that really sparked my imagination and interest.

The article covers a talk given today at GDC 2013. You can read it here on Develop. The main point of the talk was that Warframe developer Digital Extremes used AI strategic mapping (Tac and Influence maps) to determine enemy spawn frequency and locations in procedurally generated levels. This seems like an area with lots of interesting possibilities, and would go very nicely with my procedurally generated level backgrounds in my Solar Sojourn project.

I'll be talking to some of my advisers tomorrow about this idea, as well as my previous idea for a fuzzy logic controller plugin generator. I'll definitely share more information as soon as I make a decision!

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