Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monster Merchant - Player Concept

It's been a while since I've talked about my personal project, Monster Merchant. That's because I've been trying to focus on coursework, Dare, job applications, and my GDS game. However, today I took the time to finally scan and touch up the concept art I drew a few weeks back for the lead female character of the game.

This leading lady will be one of two choices for a protagonist in the Monster Merchant story. Both stories will be identical, aside from small dialogue changes. Currently, we plan the main story to revolve around the protagonist's relationship with her mother, acting Grand Devil of the fantasy world they are living in. The mother wants the protagonist to join the family business, as the leading evil overlords in the world. However, the protagonist would much rather spend her time raising monsters, and runs away to a small town in the wilderness to do just that. Through the story, she will prove to her mother that she can still bring fame and success to the family name through her chosen path, while being much happier in the process.

The art style, as you can see, is inspired by anime/manga. The clothing is influenced by ancient japan. I'm really excited to see what the game artists and character designers come up with for all the supporting cast, since all the characters will be humanoid monsters (devils, mummies, vampires, satyrs, etc).

I also had a conversation with a designer who is contributing to this project, and ironed out a lot of issues with our stat system, mutation system, and possible solutions for sprites/models/animation.

I don't have much more to report for now. I've done a bit of concept art for the male protagonist and the mother, but nothing I'm happy with yet. I probably won't have much more on this project until after this term is over, but this summer I hope to work on it constantly.

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