Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Plannit - Dare to be Digital Application

Today is the last day to submit applications for the Dare to be Digital competition. My team, Orbit Games, has officially submitted out pitch for Plannit - a cooperative puzzle game played between Android phones. We'll be developing the game in Unity.

In Plannit, the players take control of a team of astronauts to save the inhabitants of various planets from deadly lava. The team must work together - one player takes control of a platforming character who can traverse the planet and dig down to the core. The second player controls the planet itself, manipulating gravity to help their partner reach their goal. Along the way they must overcome obstacles such as deadly spikes, undiggable bedrock, water, and of course the lava itself. Once the team reaches the core, they must dig a tunnel back to the space ship, so the lava can be safely drained and carried away by the ship.

The controls are fairly simple. The environment player rotates the planet by rotating the phone itself, taking advantage of the gyroscope. The platforming player moves by touching the sides of the screen to move left or right, and by swiping up or down to jump or dig.

I think our idea and pitch is pretty strong, but there are a lot of other good entries as well. It will be exciting to see how we do. I'll definitely post an update here when we hear one way or the other!

Wish us luck!

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