Monday, April 8, 2013

Solar Sojourn - Framework Work

I've been focusing heavily on my Solar Sojourn project over the last few days. This project is a continuation of my DirectX scene from last semester, and will be used for my coursework for my procedural terrain generation module this semester.

While I had a working graphics framework at the end of last semester, it was becoming very unwieldy and I wasn't happy with it. The main work I've done this semester has been to reorganize the framework into a more useful method. This was helped significantly with the work I did for my Building Breakout project last month. Based on experimentation, examples from the Rastertek tutorials, and my knowledge of object oriented development, I've finally settled on a class set up that I'm happy with.

Obviously the end product will have more shaders and possibly more graphic sub classes, but this should give the framework's general idea.

I've been working hard over the past week to get the basics of this framework implemented in the project code. Unfortunately, it's been a lot more work than I expected, and I've been very busy with Dare and other projects. Right now, I have a project that builds, exits, and displays a black window of whatever size has been set, but it doesn't yet render objects. I'll be posting an update as soon as I have more.

Of course, in the module labs I have been practicing other code that will eventually be incorporated in the project. This includes procedural terrain mesh generation based on noise, perlin noise, midpoint displacement, smoothing, and other techniques. We've also practiced post-processing techniques such as blur and glow, which will be essential in making the bright light from the sun believable.

I'm really excited to get working on the meat of this project, since I am hoping to build my dissertation on it.

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