Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bounder Studios is on the Nets

Hey all! I've been pretty quiet lately. But there's been reason - I've been working day and night on development for Pollinator, and on organizing and establishing Bounder Studios on the internet!

That's right, my game development team now has a website,! We're also on twitter @BounderStudios, and on facebook at Our website is currently a placeholder, but I'm hoping to get something more substantial up there this weekend. Eventually we'll have a development blog, screenshots, videos, downloads, an about page, and more. I'll continue to post my progress here so you can check it out when I add new features!

On the game front, I've been coding up a storm on Pollinator. Progress has been slowed somewhat because I've switched to Allegro 5, from Allegro 4 which I was using before. Allegro is a game development library that helps make graphics, sound, and input easy. Allegro 5 is a HUGE improvement over Allegro 4, but it's taking some getting used to. I'm literally re-writing the entire game from the ground up, which allows me to keep things in mind for future ports to Android and other platforms.

In other exciting news, I've met with my sound and graphic designers. My sound designer has already produced a set of sound effects and is working on more, as well as music. My graphics designer is getting some mock-ups to me this week so we can decide on a style and begin sprite work. It's been an amazing experience explaining the game to people who actually have to create things based on what I'm telling them. It definitely forces you to see the things you haven't quit figured out yet!

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