Thursday, September 22, 2011

Character Profile: Ziapatra "Zee" Havelock

Acolyte Ziapatra Havelock
Name:  Ziapatra "Zee" Havelock
Vocation:  Reclaimator
Inquisition Ident:  AR013:123:M41:031SP-022
Homeworld:  Hive Dromis - Scintilla
Age:  20 solar standard
Gender:  Female
Imperial Divination:  ‘Even a woman who has nothing can still offer her life.’
Background: Born to parents Dracus and Jedia Havelock, skilled workers and supervisors at Hive Dromis' Red Lens manifactorum. The manifactorum was destroyed via heretic sabotage [ref. Inquisitorial record SNH-931-2255]. Family fell into poverty in the lower hive. Recruit forced to live on the streets when parents died due to overwork in a lower manifactorum. Despite early gang involvement, later became involved in Inquisitorial affiliated cover organization Coblast Assay as a reclaimator. Recruit distinguished herself by locating thieves responsible for stealing Coblast Assay property [ref. Arbites record P12:AFT-003].
Recruitment:  Psy-trance divination undertook by Inquisitrix Sola Prinn and her Astropath Kevil Stass revealed a connection to recruit which lead to agent traveling to Hive Dromus for recruitment.
Aptitude Profile:   Literate despite humble origins in the lower hive. Combat rated for basic solid projectile shoulder- and side-arms. Skilled with the knife and other primitive melee weapons. Some tech-use knowledge and abilities despite lack of mechanicum training. Skilled in security circumvention, search, and inquiry. Comfortable and confident in working with underworld contacts.
Pict-Record Ref:  SP022-5668
General Appearance Profile: Wiry build, short, lean height to weight ratio. Ruddy complexion, dyed hair (blue as of this writing). Gray eyes. Abstract tattoo covering left shoulder and side.
Preferred Equipment:   Modified Sturm & Drang Hailstorm-pattern autopistol, Drystan Growler-pattern shotgun, brass knuckles and mono-molecular bladed knife for close combat. Carries a multikey at all times. Prefers a flak coat for armor which provides protection but does not inhibit mobility.


  1. You are making me unbelievably jealous right now.
    Also, awesome character.

  2. We need to play again soon. Maybe next week? I'll email y'all.

  3. This is full of so much awesome. Nicely done!

  4. I'm working on one of these for one of Zee's contacts, her childhood friend Red.