Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving, moving, and more moving

Well, everything's finally been moved into my new place. However, it's all still in boxes all over my floor. I will probably be spending the next few days unpacking everything and getting myself settled. That said, I'm going to try to resume blogging as soon as possible, with updates from PAX, progress in Bounder Studios' development of Pollinator, and some other article ideas I have been kicking around.

I am getting excited for the new school year, which starts at the end of September. Sadly, I was unable to register for my math class, which leaves me with a light course load this term (only 9 credits). However, I've decided to use this extra time to work on my game design stuff. Due to my ride situation, I'll be at the school early each day, and this will be an ideal time to meet with team members. I'm hoping to have a finished version of Pollinator for at least one platform at the end of this year. I have ideas for two games after that - one a Pollinator spin off tower defense game, the other a Dungeon Overload meets Recettear meets Monster Rancher.

I'm also hoping to get a website going soon for my game company, Bounder Studios, as well as a personal website that will act as a portfolio. I've been working hard on career development things lately, and am actually considering going to a specialized game design trade school instead of finishing up my traditional CS degree - or maybe I'll do both! Either way, I'm very excited for the future and hope I can find a wonderful place to work when I'm done with school.

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