Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Session Summary: Worse Things Wait (Part 1.1)

 Audio Log for Acolyte Ziapatra Havelock

I was told I needed to make a log for my first mission. I'm not really sure where to start. I'm sure the others will be much better at this than I am, but Interrogator Nomura insisted that I record one as well.

+++ Silence for 15 seconds. Some nervous shifting can be heard.

I'd been on the ship for about a week when I met my new teammates. It's quite an experience. Being on the ship, I mean. Though meeting them was quite the experience too. I've never been on a ship before - never been off world before. Never been out of the hive before, actually. Funny how things turned out. At first I was really uncomfortable here, but once I started exploring... Well. I made friends with the technomats in my part of the ship and traded some stories, then some tools. I even got to meet one of the mechanicus. He was creepy, but also pretty interesting. I like machines and all, but I don't think I'd want to be one.

Anyway. The team. They all seem so experienced, so strong. I'm just a hiver girl, a scummer really. What's the likes of me doing with one of the Sororitas? And Gaius. I could tell he was trying to be nice, but he looked at me like I was something he scraped off his boot. Not anything malicious about it, mind. It's just how he was brought up. It's like he knows he's better than you, but he doesn't hold it against you, since it's not your fault. I mean, he's from a hive too, but... when I asked him about his home, he mentioned windows. Windows!

At least Valentina and I seem to get along. She's a strange one. She's huge, but as loud and brash as she is, she doesn't intimidate me, not like the other two do.

Well, I guess I ought to talk about what actually happened, and not just blather on about my teammates. When I met them, they had just returned from their last mission. Shortly after they boarded, our ship shifted into the warp.

I feel a little silly about it now, but when we first shifted, and I saw Cyniska start praying, I dropped right down next to her and started praying along with her. Now I know she prays pretty much anytime anything happens, but that first jump... I had never felt anything like it. For a moment, the whole ship was covered in ice, and I felt this feeling in the pit of my stomach like something was grabbing me and twisting me inside out.

+++ A shudder.

But that passed quickly, and we were sailing through the warp to our destination. I learned later about the geller field that protects the ship while we travel, and that in that instant when we first make the jump, the geller field takes a moment to snap into place. Kinda scary to think that in that instant, that brief moment, we experienced the warp in it's unfiltered, unshielded, raw form. Of course, that's a good deal less scary than what happened later in the journey.

--- To be continued in Part 1.2 ---