Thursday, November 8, 2012

Github for your desktop?

I've used Git and Github for a long time, but up until today I've just used Git's Windows GUI. Syncing with Github, especially on a new computer, was always an exercise in frustration as I set up SSH keys, invariably messed up my cloning of my remote repo, and generally made a mess of things. I got a lot better after getting some experience with Linux, but for a "layperson" just getting into programming, Git and Github would be extremely inaccessible.

I'm very, VERY pleased to say this is no longer the case. Github now has a Windows application which makes this entire process trivial. Instead of faffing around with setting up SSH, going through a separate program to clone repositories, hunting for the proper address for the remote repo, and generally having a bad time, with the new app you simply log into Github and instantly have access to all your repos. You can clone them with a push of a button, see a lovely visual representation of all previous commits, and with another click go to the local location of the repo. New files show up instantly to be added, and you can commit and sync with github easily.

I can't rave about this app enough - it finally makes Git accessible for newbies on Windows. I sincerely hope this pushes Git forward as a version control method for Windows users.

Get your copy (for free, of course) here:

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