Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wii U With Indie Friendly Features

A lovely article on destructoid today reported that the Wii U will not only allow developers to set whatever price they choose for their games - they will also not charge for patches to the game. This is huge, as Microsoft's exorbitant $40,000 charge to patch a game with their XBox Live service prevents many indie devs from posting games, or fixing buggy games after launch.

While I love the PC as a medium, it's really great to see console manufacturers supporting indie developers with services like this. We need the big AAA devs for the fantastic, blockbuster quality games, epic graphics, and lengthy stories. But my heart will always be with the rugged, risky indies, and I think that it is in the indie arena where the envelope is pushed and the industry is grown. It's very heartening that indies have more and more options going forward, and gives me hope that I may be able to be part of a successful indie studio someday.

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