Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creating a DirectX Scene: Spaceship Ho!

I don't have much to report or much time to report it - I'm still working frantically on my DirectX scene. Today I finished the font engine, timers, FPS display, and camera control. Well, the last isn't perfect, but it's sufficient for now.

However, the coolest thing that's been added is possibly the most superficial, but I'm so freaking excited about it I had to share. I've never had anyone good at making pretty things work with me on a project, so when my boyfriend offered to help me with some of the assets, I quickly agreed. He created a simple HUD overlay for my space scene, as well as a crosshair (which I programmed in as the mouse cursor). Check out the result here!

Oh yeah, I also made a whole bunch of Earths. Don't question it!

Next on the list is to get this actually looking like a solar system. Additionally, I'll need to figure out point light to make a convincing sun. I'm also supposed to load in a model from Maya, which I'll need to find.

Then it's time to add some more advanced features. I really would like to add a sky box. Particle effects are also high on the list. I may add "sound" effects - though there is no sound in space, so I might just add sound when the spaceship moves, or perhaps different music when in proximity to different planets. An animated model of some kind would also count as an advanced feature.
Still lots to do! I'll update tomorrow with how things are going.

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