Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scottish Game Jam 2013 - Day 2

I didn't feel like I had time to post yesterday in the frantic rush to start coding, but today things are a little calmer, so here I am. I'm participating in the Scottish Game Jam (and Global Game Jam) this year, at the Dundee location at Abertay University. Our theme this year is a heartbeat sound file, plus a bunch of optional constraints that can be used if desired.

The team! We were already a bit tired when this was taken, if you can't tell...

My team consists of two people who were complete strangers yesterday - Miranda (@Fluffgar on Twitter) and Dave (@BigHamm3r on Twitter). Miranda is an artist, a student here at Abertay, and Dave is another programmer. We decided to make a 2D game using Unity. I'm quite excited since I am terrible at using editors and haven't used Unity before, so this will be a great crash course.

Our game is coming along quite nicely. It's rather simple, but that's good for the size of our team, time available to us, and my inexperience. I don't have any of Miranda's awesome art to post yet, but I can show a screencap of the game in the Unity editor.

The platformer without any art assets. That red thing is a wall of death.

So far this experience has been amazing. I don't think we'll have any trouble finishing on time, and it will be great to have another piece of work for my portfolio. I'm almost getting to the point where I can actually CHOOSE what I show off to employers, rather than putting everything in there since I don't have much.

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