Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pollinator, Flower Defense - The Beginning

I've decided to join the Game Development Society at Abertay this semester. The idea of the society is to allow teams of members to produce a game over the course of the semester. This semester, the society is recommending it's members produce mobile games. I'm in a team of two, myself and my partner who is a designer and artist. We've decided to make a tower defense game based around my old game, Pollinator.

The player plays as a queen bee protecting her hive. As queen, the player can send bees to gather pollen from flowers, or send worker bees to guard duty. Enemy wasps fly in, attacking bees and eventually the hive. Pollen is used to purchase and upgrade bees, while nectar (gathered slowly along with pollen) can be used for upgrades between levels, such as new bee or flower types. After a flower has been worked for some time by a worker bee, it will produce a seed, which can be planted anywhere on the map to grow a new flower.

It's all very much in the planning stage at this point, but I'm excited and I think it will be a lot of fun to create.

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