Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dungeon Delve - Level 1

Woops, I managed to get my posts out of order. Oh well.

Friday night I ran a DnD Delve for my WoW guild mates. We use an online tool called Maptool which allows us to share a map and tokens and move them around in a manner similar to a physical tabletop setup. The tool is somewhat buggy and resource intensive, but it's free and it can be used by both PC and Mac users, which is important for my group. Overall it's a decent tool which fits our current needs.

The delve we ran is from the Dungeon Delve book produced by Wizards of the Coast. The book has 30 delves, one for each level from 1-30. The main purpose of the delves for our group is filler between the main campaign. I had my players create separate characters for the filler delves, and they will be leveling them up between each delve session.

The first delve was fairly simple - the PCs were sent to clear out a small mine, which was inhabited by kobolds lead by a small white dragon. I previously ran a group of 3 level 3 adventurers through the dungeon and they had a lot of trouble in the last room, so I was worried this group might as well. The Friday group consisted of 5 level 1 characters with a good balance of roles. They absolutely slaughtered all three encounters, so difficulty was definitely NOT a problem.

Overall the session went really well, despite it being somewhat easy. Since I had some new players and people who haven't played in a long time, it was probably good to start out easy. The only other problem I had was not having enough time to create programmed macros for all of my monsters, which really helps speed up play on my side.

It's really nice that, though I'm not playing WoW consistently, I can still do fun things with my guild mates!

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