Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gaming Portland!

Yesterday I attended a wonderful gaming event here in Portland, Oregon, my current home. I found the event via the Portland Gamers Meetup Group. I've used Meetup in the past and it can be really hit or miss depending on the people in charge of the group, but this one is really great.

The event was awesome! It was a simple casual board game night. Apparently I know quite a few geeks in the community, as about half the people at the meetup were actually invited by me! Good thing I've decided to join the group's organizing/publicity team :) Also, there was free pizza, a nice touch.

The event was held at my local game store, Other World Games. It's a fun little store, with lots of tables for playing games. They don't have very many board games in house but they are happy to order for you. I have to be up front in that I did order a game there and it took a very long time to arrive, apparently they forgot to call me when it finally DID get there... but I eventually got my game. Other than that issue, I've really enjoyed the store. The owner seemed genuinely happy to be hosting the event and meeting new people. I got to meet several new gamers and may even have an in for a Warhammer campaign, something I've been wanting to play for a long time.

I brought one of my favorite games, Thunderstone. It's a deck building card game in which you create an adventuring team to kill monsters.  It's nice for events like this because it can accommodate up to 5 people. I also brought Bang!, but we didn't end up having time to play.

So hooray for meeting new people and having a blast!

I'll be cooling it on the speed testing updates until next week. Tomorrow expect an update about my DnD delve I'm running tonight, and Sunday I'll be posting about my trip to the Oregon Country Fair (which does NOT involve country music, nor ferris wheels. I'll have pics, you'll see what I mean!)

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