Monday, July 18, 2011

Canterbury Renaissance Faire

I just got back from the Canterbury Renaissance Faire!

Sadly there was no jousting today...

It was my first ever ren faire, and my costume was built from goodwill finds, but I still had a ton of fun. I went with my boyfriend and three house-mates. It was awesome! The boyfriend didn't originally have a costume, but we bought him a tunic and belt while we were there. I think he looks pretty awesome in it!

I'm the bard and he's my bodyguard, I guess.
Sadly it was really rainy and muddy today, so they couldn't do jousting since the horses could be injured. We also got our car stuck in the mud twice, it was an adventure! But we had lots of fun exploring the faire, listening to music, and seeing really cool hand crafted stuff. We might go back next week to see the jousting, they gave us a coupon for cheaper tickets since there was no jousting today.

We did get to see two of the knights training their squires in swordplay. It was interesting to see the difference in skill level!

Tomorrow I'm trying out a new game system called Engine Heart. I'm very excited, as I haven't played many non-D&D tabletop RPGs. I'll report back on my experiences with it tomorrow. I also just picked up Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader from the used book store - I'll post a more detailed article about those another day. Finally, Wednesday I'm meeting with a friend from my last college to discuss game ideas. I'm really excited! I've got a busy week coming up!

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