Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oregon Country Fair - Part 1

I promised juicy details on my trip to the Oregon Country Fair, and I shall deliver! Unfortunately I won't be getting pics of today's visit until later on, since I didn't have a camera with me and the one in my phone is terrible, so my mom was the photographer for the day. I went to the fair with my wonderful mother and my good friend Brit.

Let me explain what the OCF is and what it is NOT. Often when I tell people about the fair, I get one of several responses: "Oh, country? I hate country music", "Will there be rodeo there?", and "Oh, I love Ferris wheels!"

... No. Just no. The OCF is NOT about country music or rodeos and there are definitely no Ferris wheels. It is not a county fair. In fact, I think maybe if they spelled it "faire" it might be a bit more obvious of what kind of event it is. The OCF is a meeting of everything that is quintessentially Oregon. There's excellent folk music of every possible type; all sorts of entertainers from dancers to jugglers to pupeteers and more; amazing food; and wonderful hand made crafts. But more than anything, I attend the fair for the people watching. You've never people watched until you've people watched at the OCF.

While I can't provide pics of today's visit, I can give you some examples of what I mean from the fair's website. Enjoy, and I'll post my own pics soon!


  1. Sounds fun. =] I wish I could have gone. I'll still try to go to the Ren Faire with you guys~

    I really enjoy your blog. =D

  2. Thanks Ash! I loved the pics you made for your blog, I meant to leave a comment on there but I think I got distracted.