Monday, July 11, 2011

Steam Sale Ends

Sadly, the steam sale has come to a close. Last week, I shared the purchases I had made so far with you, and discussed the ones I had played. Since then, I've also bought:
 I also played two of the games from my previous purchase list.

The first was Torchlight. Yes, it's very strange that I haven't played this yet. For anyone else who hasn't tried it out, Torchlight is basically a Diablo II clone. It's a GOOD Diablo II clone, with very simple yet pleasing graphics and interesting heroes, but it's basically the same kind of game - if you like Diablo II, you'll like Torchlight. I haven't played very far into it but I'm definitely enjoying it so far!

The second game I've had time to try out is the Tiny Bang Story. This is a charming point and click adventure and puzzler. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a game in that genre. My only complaint so far is that it definitely tries dirty tricks sometimes to make things harder. For example in one section you are tasked with putting together a train based on a schematic. At first I thought this was a pleasant twist to the typical jigsaw puzzle, but then I couldn't find the last part, a wheel. I looked everywhere. I looked outside the puzzle room, which resets the puzzle. I spent close to half an hour looking for this one part. Finally I had to look it up online, and found to my chagrin that the part was actually ON the schematic. Did it look like it was taped there? No. It looked like it was part of the schematic. I felt like this was a cheap trick rather than a clever hiding place - making the item actually look drawn on to the schematic, then having it change when you pick it up, with no warning, hint, or explanation (even through the in-game hint system) just seems rude. Hiding it there would be fine if it still looked like a physical part. But other than that, I've enjoyed the game. It's got a calm and relaxing atmosphere even when I've been frustrated with it.

I will continue to post little updates as I try out my different purchases.

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